Guidelines for Members-Only Email Lists

What are the usage guidelines for the WCET mailing lists?

WCET’s email lists are provided as a service by WCET to its members. You must be an employee of a WCET
member institution or organization. It is a community space, so we ask that you:

  • Be considerate of others in sending and replying to messages.
  • Only post items that are relevant to the purposes of WCET and of each mailing list.
  • Do not post commercial solicitations of any kind.
  • Send job postings and announcements to:
  • Send discussion questions and responses to:

How do I post a job opening to the WCET mailing list?

As a benefit of membership, WCET members may send notices of job openings, which we will send out on our WCETnews email list and post to our job listing page.

  • Job posts must be for positions at member institutions.
  • Send your job announcement to Rosa Calabrese. Job announcements are compiled and distributed to the news list on a weekly or on an as-needed basis.
  • Please format your job posting to include only the following five categories:
    • Job Title and location
    • Job Summary
    • Minimum Qualifications
    • Application Deadline (if applicable)
    • Link to web page with job details and application forms
  • WCET reserves the right to make minimal edits to keep each job posting short and concise​

How can I access the archives of the Discuss and News lists?

Messages sent to these lists are automatically archived for your review at a later time via the web interface. If
you know your WCET login and password, you can access the archives at:

How can I manage my settings or unsubscribe?

Use the WCET address ( to unsubscribe or to change your list settings. Place the
command in the first line of the BODY of your email. Leave the Subject line empty. Remove all other text in
the body of the email, including your signature. Note: Do NOT send a command to or as the command will not execute.
A limited number of email list settings can be changed via the web-based interface.

  • signoff wcetnews - Use this command to remove yourself from the news list.
  • signoff wcetdiscuss – Use this command to remove yourself from the discuss list.
  • set wcetnews digest - Use this command to receive messages sent to this list in a digested form - one email per day.
  • set wcetdiscuss digest - Use this command to receive messages sent to this list in a digested form - one email per day.
  • info refcard – Use this command to obtain a reference card with more command options.
  • WCET lists are automatically set so that no subscriber can see the addresses of others on the list unless you post something to the list.
  • WCET staff reserve the right to remove anyone from this list at any time. See our terms and conditions.
  • Contact Sherri Artz Gilbert, 303-541-0209 for assistance.