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"Learning technology leaders must master the art of knowing which trends and tools will drive student success, distinguishing between hype and truly actionable information. Whether it’s a discussion thread, a conference session, or a blog post, WCET is key to helping me and my colleagues at UW-Milwaukee plan for the digital future."
– Laura Pedrick, Special Assistant to the Provost for Strategic Initiatives, Executive Director, UWM Online, UW-Milwaukee

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We are pleased to welcome you to our community of higher education professionals. As a member of WCET, you will have access to our members-only email lists, have the opportunity to attend our in-person events at a discounted rate, and more.

Below are some resources for getting started to help you make the most of your WCET membership. Share the link to this page with your colleagues! We welcome unlimited participants from each member institution to get involved with us. We recommend sharing this page with your:

  • provost's office,
  • office of technology or innovation,
  • center for teaching and learning,
  • office of elearning and extended studies,
  • office of policy and accreditation,
  • office of academic affairs,
  • and beyond!

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  • Check our table overview of member benefits.
  • Check out our get involved page for an in-depth overview of all the opportunities that WCET has to offer.

Remember - WCET member benefits are open to everyone within your organization!

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  • View all the annual awards offered by WCET and consider submitting a nomination.


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Last updated June 2021.