Welcome to wcetMIX!

We’re thrilled that you’ve joined our WCET members-only platform, wcetMIX. This page will help you explore and navigate the community.

Jump-start Your Community Experience

Here are four suggestions to jump-start your community experience. Click on each item for instructions.

  1. Update your member profile (make sure to add a profile photo!).
  2. Connect and join communities.
  3. Ask your first DISCUSS question.
  4. Connect with others and expand your network via the Member Directory.

You do get points for completing all of these activities. You’ll earn engagement badges and maybe a showcase in the VIP, Most Active Members leaderboard!

Update your member profile

Update your member profile so your fellow WCET members can learn more about you! We’ve also found adding a photo helps make networking and information sharing better.

Access your profile here (or click on the upper menu avatar button from the MIX page).

First you’ll see your profile photo (or the default profile image). Click on the “Actions” button to change picture.

Below your photo, you can edit your bio, education information, professional associations, job history, and interests. Click the small pencil icon above each section to edit.

Please note, the contact details are not editable. If you have changes to this section, please email us at wcetinfo@wiche.edu.