Focus Areas

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Institutional Success

A big challenge for higher education is managing institutions change, especially with regards to technology-enhanced learning. Through various research endeavors and engagement with our member community, WCET explores the varied solutions that higher education leaders use to meet such challenges.

Issues under this Focus Area: 21st Century Faculty, Open Educational Resources, and Products and Services.

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Policy and Regulations

Policies and regulations impact the operation of technology-enhanced learning in higher education. WCET helps members understand the governmental laws and regulations that have a direct impact on institutions that offer distance and technology-enhanced learning. WCET follows emerging federal, state, and provincial regulations and seeks to help shape those proposals before they are enacted. Once those regulations are in place, WCET helps to interpret the requirements in understandable language and determine what methods institutions are using to comply.

Issues under this Focus Area: Data Protection and Privacy and State Authorization.

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Student Success

Student success is the overarching goal of WCET and the higher education institutions and organizations that form the cooperative's membership. Student success has become campus-wide challenge stretching across all academic and administrative units. WCET, through its community of dedicated higher education professionals, works to identify promising practices to advance student success in technology-enhanced higher education.

Issues under this Focus Area: Academic Integrity, Accessibility, Adaptive Learning, Competency-Based Education, Credentials, Learning Analytics, Student Authentication, and Student Services.

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The use of technology in higher education is on the rise, with may technologies being tested and opted for classroom and campus use in small and scaled settings. WCET conducts research on innovations in educational technologies and builds upon the experiences of its institutional showcase the evaluation, support, and utilization of these tools to advance teaching and learning.

Issue under this Focus Area: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and Mobile Devices.