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Formed 2004
Located Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS
Employees Approximately 5 FTE
Agency Contact Sue Maes
Dean of Continuing Education and Co-Director, Institute for Academic Alliances
Sponsor Kansas State University
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The Kansas State University Institute for Academic Alliances (IAA) facilitates inter-institutional collaboration in order to establish online academic program alliances. These alliances are designed to respond to critical academic needs, maximize resources, and increase access to high-quality higher education.

IAA Core Values:

Education: access...quality...affordability...responsiveness.

Relationships: trust...equality...teamwork...commitment...leadership.

Solutions: diversity...simplicity...sustainability.


The K-State Institute for Academic Alliances (IAA) was formed in 2004 to manage the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, provide consultation and services to emerging higher education alliances, and conduct research on alliances. IAA has disseminated and adapted the Great Plains IDEA model with many academic alliances.

The IAA helps inter-institutional faculty teams develop curricula and make teaching assignments equitably according to academic strengths. Students choose a home institution where they enroll, pay and graduate without transferring credits. IAA also helps set up the inter-institutional management and financial infrastructure to support and sustain the alliance programs.The IAA is externally funded..


Alliance Development:

  • Program and partner identification.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Market research.
  • Budget development and grant writing.
  • Meeting planning and facilitation.

Alliance Sustainable Management:

  • Enrollment management (including ExpanSIS, the IAA multi-institution student information system).
  • Financial management.
  • Program management.
  • Survey instruments, distribution, analysis and reports.

Alliance Implementation:

  • Academic program development.
  • Program assessment plan development.
  • Alliance principles, policies and procedures development.
  • Administrative and financial infrastructure development.

Initiatives & Interests

IAA initiatives include:

  • AG*IDEA. Great Plains IDEA has two units: Human Sciences and AG*IDEA, each with their own Board of Directors and academic programs. IAA staff are supporting AG*IDEA faculty teams in program development and refinement.
  • MAAP - Military Academic Advancement Program. Two new Great Plains IDEA programs, Family and Community Services Masters, and Early Childhood Education Bachelors Degree Completion are being implemented to serve the military community. Military issues have been incorporated into the Family Financial Planning and Youth Development graduate programs.

IAA interests include:

  • Data analysis to improve teaching and learning.
  • Multi-institution student information/enrollment systems.
  • Other interests: online course review, student success and support strategies, faculty engagement and support, and program assessment.

Organizational Documents

Kansas State University Institute for Academic Alliances Biennial Report Fiscal Years 2011, 2012.

Last Updated: July 2013