e-Learning Consortium: Texas A&M System Course Exchange Program

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Formed April 2010
Located 301 Tarrow
College Station, TX
Employees Academic Affairs-7; CEP Project-1
Agency Contact Sheri Pappas
Coordinator of DE Initiatives
Sponsor TAMUS Chancellor
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Course Exchange Program: To provide students access to learning opportunities through technology-mediated delivery.


The purpose of the CEP is to provide a central location for A&M System students to enroll in distance education courses between system institutions to satisfy degree requirements. This collaboration is designed to address students' educational needs and provide them with the added flexibility they need to stay on track and in some cases complete their education sooner.

CEP Project Goals:

  • To increase access to higher education for TAMUS students.
  • To maximize resources.
  • To increase educational completion rates.
  • To encourage collaboration among System institutions, agencies, health science center and partners.


The System office of Academic Affairs provides leadership and guidance to member universities and agencies on issues related to program development, faculty and students.

Our services include:

  • System level reports.
  • System initiatives.
  • Coordinating system level awards and recognition.

Initiatives & Interests

The A&M system is currently engaged in discussing collaborative pricing opportunities for the universities and agencies.

Organizational Documents

The CEP project is still a work in progress therefore, marketing materials are limited to internal efforts within the universities.

Last Updated: July 2013