e-Learning Consortium: WICHE Internet Course Exchange

Quick Glance
Formed July 2007
Located 3035 Center Green Drive, #200
Boulder, CO 80301
Employees Approximate FTE @ .33 FTE
Agency Contact Pat Shea
Sponsor Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
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WICHE Internet Course Exchange (ICE) enables students, through their home institutions, to seamlessly access high quality online courses and programs offered by other four-year and two-year ICE member institutions. The collaborative model fosters faculty engagement, resource sharing, and innovation.


Provosts participating in the Western Academic Leadership Forum, based at WICHE, were looking for ways their institutions could collaborate to expand their students' access to online learning courses and programs and suggested the creation of ICE. A FIPSE grant supported its creation and early development. In 2007, ICE was transitioned into a non-profit membership organization. It is still based at WICHE, which provides staffing and serves as the fiscal agent.

Each member has a representative who serves on the Steering Board, the policy making body. It meets monthly by conference call and holds its annual meeting each spring at WICHE. Members include institutions and several types of consortia located in the WICHE states and beyond.

The Exchange allows members with extra capacity in online courses to make their empty seats available to other members. Students can enroll in these courses at their home institution which has reserved these seats. The students pay their home institution using their financial aid, if they choose, and the course is transcribed by their home institution. The process is seamless for the student. ICE matches institutions' supplies and demands for online learning courses in a cost-effective process that can provide additional revenue to both.


Our services include:

  • A web-based, secure, and encrypted database supporting the exchange of seats in online courses among the members.
  • Management of the financial transactions among the institutions.
  • Training of staff at new member institutions/consortia on ICE policies and procedures.
  • Ongoing support of staff listing new courses and exchanging seats.
  • Opportunity to use the ICE platform to power a consortium's own exchange (e.g. NEXUS).

Initiatives & Interests

WICHE ICE initiatives/interests include:

  • Social Work Exchange.
  • Engineering Exchange.
  • Native American Studies Exchange.
  • General Studies Exchange.

Organizational Documents

The WICHE ICE Operations Manual.

The Time is Right for the Internet Course Exchange.

Last Updated: July 2013