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With the growth of available online courses and programs, institutions are enrolling students in an increasing number of states. Before an institution offers any out-of-state activities such as:  online courses; field experiences; faculty teaching online courses out of state; and recruiting or marketing, an institution is legally mandated to follow the different state’s laws and must obtain any necessary authorization to operate in that jurisdiction prior to offering the activity.

The Concern

Expecting each institution to navigate authorization regulations in every state is highly inefficient. Working cooperatively, institutions can share the burden.

The process of obtaining compliance in each state is difficult because:

  • The rules and regulations regarding authorization vary greatly from state to state.
  • Deciphering the approval/licensure regulations takes significant analysis. Many institutions do not have the staff available to perform all the necessary analyses.
  • States change their regulations, interpretations, and procedures over time.

The Solution

Working collaboratively, institutions can navigate the state regulations processes more efficiently than working on their own. Through access to experts and networking among others seeking to comply, the WCET State Authorization Network (SAN) provides:

Sign pointing in four directions reading "Compliance, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines"Types of Resources & Events:

  • Research Reports
  • Email Lists - Discussion Opportunities
  • Reciprocity Advice
  • State Advocacy
  • Discussions with Regulators
  • Training Webcasts
  • Face-to-face Meetings.
  • Monthly Calls for the membership coordinators


Membership may be by:  individual institution, partnership, consortium, or system

  • Each membership allows for 1-3 designated coordinators(depending on the size of the membership) who may participate on the monthly coordinator calls and attend the fall annual meeting
  • Coordinators are responsible for sharing information with the other institutions/organizations within their membership
  • At least one institution/organization within a membership must be a WCET member.
  • Annual cost per membership is dependent on the size of the membership (this cost may be shared among a partnership, consortium, or system, but with only 1 point of contact for the invoice.)

Higher Ed. Offices, State Portal Entities, Companies & Organizations* (office only)

1 Coordinator


1 Institution

2 Coordinators


2-15 Institutions

2 Coordinators


16+ Institutions

3 Coordinators


How to Join?

The SAN 11 project year will run July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.

View the current list of SAN participants.


  • Review the Statement of Work and Call for Participation.
  • New Members complete the Online Member Registration Form.  The form requests contact information (postal and email) for all institutions within the membership as well as FTE category and whether the institution is a member of WCET.
  • An Invoice for Payment will be sent upon receipt of the Online Member Registration Form.
  • SAN Year 10: July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022.  Registration Forms will continue to be accepted beyond July 1, 2021.


  • Review the Statement of Work and Call for Participation .
  • Coordinators must confer with membership contacts to determine if there are any changes.
  • If there a no changes, your membership will automatically renew and an invoice will be created after May 15, 2021.
  • If there are changes, one coordinator must submit changes to Cheryl Dowd:
  • An Invoice for Payment will be after May 15, 2021.
  • SAN Year : July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022. 

Beyond the Deadline?

Contact us:

The state authorization team of Cheryl Dowd (303-541-0210) and Leigha Fletcher (303)-541-0211) will be happy to answer any questions.