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WCET and GlobalMindED Announce Digital Inclusion Award

WCET and GlobalMindED are pleased to announce the 2019 Digital Inclusion Award. This Award is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on low-income and/or first-generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in global digital leadership.

The Digital Inclusion Award, sponsored by WCET and GlobalMindED, is the clearly articulated use of digital technologies to involve ALL learners in beneficial activities. Digital Inclusion is not about infrastructure or software deployments, but is about what learners actually DO with the technologies to improve society. While giving technology to students with limited access is important, we must also provide educational opportunities to help them understand more about how technology can change their world.

The guiding principles of the Digital Inclusion Award are:

  1. Digital Inclusion is about leveraging mindware, not hardware/software;
  2. Digital Inclusion is one component of a larger communications ecosystem, not a standalone concept;
  3. Digital Inclusion should be the overall goal of technological evolution.

Submission Process, Criteria, and Timeline:

In 2019, GlobalMindED is managing the Digital Inclusion Award process. Visit GlobalMindED's Digital Inclusion Award page for all details related to applying for and nominating for this unique award.

Past Winners:

The 2018 winner of the Digital Inclusion Award is Dr. Hamid Ikram from Government College University Faisalabad. Read more in the 2018 media release.

The 2017 winner of the Digital Inclusion Award is Dr. Nader Vadiee, Ph.D., from the Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute. Read more in the 2017 media release.

About WCET

The WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) is the leader in the practice, policy, and advocacy of technology-enhanced higher education.  WCET is widely recognized as one of the most informative, reliable and forward-thinking organizations regarding the role of technology and innovation in higher education. For more information about WCET’s institutional membership resources and services, please visit the WCET website.

About GlobalMindED

GlobalMindED is the first U.S conference of its caliber that brings first-generation college students together with educators, industry professionals, global entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the nonprofit sector to promote access and opportunity for college and workplace success. GlobalMindED convenes to address one of the nation’s most pressing issues: increasing access and opportunity for first-generation students to create a capable, diverse talent pipeline. More information and proposals to participate (open until December 1, 2016) can be found on the GlobalMindEd website.

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