Intern, SAN

Chrischen Thompson is a driven student at the University of Texas at Austin (UT), majoring in International Relations and Global Studies with a minor in International Business Law. As a first-generation college student, Chrischen’s journey is marked by ambition and resilience, fueled by his desire to serve his country through the Department of State in the Foreign Service, focusing on international security and private sectors overseas. Chrischen’s commitment to equity and access in education led him to join the State Authorization Network, where he delves into understanding the challenges and barriers faced by individuals seeking post-secondary education, particularly those recently incarcerated. Driven by his experiences as a non-traditional student, Chrischen is dedicated to reshaping the education system to support all learners equally, irrespective of their backgrounds. His passion lies in making education accessible and affordable to everyone who seeks it. Beyond his academic pursuits, Chrischen finds solace in the kitchen, enjoying the art of cooking, and finds escapism in the enchanting world of the Harry Potter series through binge-watching sessions.

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