Content Specialist, State Authorization Network

Erin Walton is a professional writer and editor who collaborates with WCET as a content specialist. In her current role, Erin develops and edits content for the blog, website, and other internal communications as well as researches and writes summaries for higher ed digital learning news articles.

She has been a professional in the field for over ten years, providing editorial experience and content development to a variety of organizations and individual authors. With each collaboration, Erin couples her nuanced understanding of language and storytelling with a keen eye for details and grammar. She earned her MFA from Pacific University and her masters in IO Psychology from CU-Denver and would gladly stay a life-long student if it were financially feasible.

Outside of work, you can find her hunkered in the quiet corner of a coffee, nursing her Zadie Smith addiction or at home on a comfy couch re-watching episodes of “Twin Peaks” or “The Office.” Erin currently resides in Loveland, Colorado with her husband Phil and dog Juno, a rottie with equal parts spirit and sweetness.

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