Administrative Assistant III, Every Learner Everywhere


Joyce started as an administrative assistant with Every Learner Everywhere in November 2017. In this role, Joyce represents Every Learner Everywhere by assisting team members in multiple areas of support. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and has 25 years of experience in administration. Before joining our team, Joyce worked for CU Boulder for 22 years. Outside of work, Joyce can be found either outside or in her barn where she stays busy with her fiber producing animals which currently include angora rabbits, alpacas, and goats. A life-long learner, Joyce enjoys mastering new fiber art skills in spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting, and felting. She remains passionate about utilizing her animal science degree and expanding her knowledge of husbandry, genetics, and livestock species. In fact, her favorite movie is Temple Grandin, a film about a remarkable woman who became world renown in her animal behavior research and her contributions to understanding how people with autism process their world.

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