Associate Director, Every Learner Everywhere


Laura joined the WCET team in June of 2018 as the associate director for Every Learner Everywhere. In her current position, Laura oversees Every Learner Network operations, cross-network communication, and information sharing. She also manages multiple highly complex projects which entail collaboration with diverse partners, institutions, consultants, and our funder, along with multiple other organizational stakeholders. In each of her endeavors, Laura builds and maintains strong relationships with partners while ensuring timely progress on all projects.

Laura’s expertise and specialized skills have contributed to the success of numerous projects within the field of education. More specifically, she has streamlined network activities, increased team ability to track and report on multiple complex projects, and increased the consistency while maintaining continuous improvement and transparency within network operations. Prior to joining the Every Learner Everywhere team, Laura was the grants manager for Aims Community College and taught computer science at the college level. She has also held a number of TRIO positions helping poverty affected and first-generation students enter and be successful in college. Additionally, Laura has managed multiple international educational grants funded by the European Commission.

Outside of work, she can be found traveling and enjoying nature whether it is hiking, camping, or fishing with her family. Laura is a knowledge seeker and book lover, and her favorite character is Hermione Granger – after all, who doesn’t want to have some magic?

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