Senior Director, Operations and Membership Administration, WCET


As Senior Director of Operations and Membership Administration, Sherri oversees many of the logistics that facilitate the growth and sustainability of our organization. More specifically, Sherri is responsible for preparing and managing the annual budget and managing our membership database and integrations. She is also responsible for member retention and membership administration along with maintaining our team’s day-to-day operations. Additionally, for the past 15 years, Sherri has been chair of WICHE’s Administrative Policy Advisory Committee (APAC). APAC is charged with developing, reviewing, revising, and recommending internal administrative and management policies to the WICHE president.

Prior to joining WCET, Sherri worked for the Reading Musical Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes and facilitates music education and appreciation in order to preserve and develop musical experience and culture in Berks County, Pennsylvania. In her previous role, she was responsible for donor management and administration of the Blues in the Schools program. Sherri received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania with a dual major in Management and Marketing.

Originally from Pennsylvania Dutch country, Sherri currently resides above 9,200 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with her husband and dogs. Two of her favorite films include Silver Linings Playbook and Christmas Vacation.

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