Introducing wcetMIX

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What is wcetMIX?

wcetMIX is WCET’s new platform to discuss important topics and ideas and to share news, announcements, articles, and events. MIX provides the opportunity for MORE engagement, BETTER community building opportunities, and EASIER options for finding and using the archives of our WCETDiscuss and WCETNews email lists. MIX replaces WCET’s older email list software.

Quick Links:
- wcetMIX home page.

Why the Change?

You asked, we answered!

wcetMIX is an opportunity to:

  • Replace WCET's current email lists (while maintaining the easy access to WCETDiscuss and News that you currently enjoy),
  • Increase engagement with the WCET membership,
  • House and access documents and resources,
  • Create a sense of community,
  • Continue engagement with other members after face-to-face or other virtual events have ended.

Please note: while the design of the emails may change, your interaction with WCETDiscuss and WCETNews emails will continue in a similar fashion as they function now. Members are welcome to log into the platform to interact online OR can continue to send and read emails as they do now.

What are the WCET Email Lists (now WCET Communities)?

WCET Discuss is a moderated discussion group reserved for WCET members. The group puts you in touch with higher education professionals from institutions and organizations in the U.S. and Canada. Have a question about how others address a policy issue or design solutions to certain educational technology challenges? Post or send your question and get ideas and input from your peers.

WCET News is a moderated group used to distribute WCET's popular Article Digest, job posting from WCET members, announcements and breaking news of general interest to our members.

The Value of the WCET Community - Why You Want to Give wcetMIX a Try!

  • More than 4,000 higher education decision makers, practitioners, and enthusiasts are currently part of “the WCET community” via WCETDiscuss.
  • Community members include leaders in academic affairs, student services, faculty development, technology and innovation, corporate services, and more.
  • All higher education sectors are represented inside of this community, from every U.S. state and several Canadian provinces.
  • WCETDiscuss, and now wcetMIX, will help you get just-in-time, real life advice from experienced higher education professionals.

Hot topics the WCET community have recently helped each other with:

  • Estimating course development time for passive online versus interactive online courses,
  • Copyright infringement notifications to cheating cartels,
  • Developing a process for vetting third-party accessibility tools that faculty actually want to use,
  • Rubrics for determining a course’s “onlineness,”
  • HIPPA compliant software for distance supervision in a clinical setting.

How do I log into MIX for the first time or get a new MIX account?

You can log into MIX on the MIX homepage.

If you are subscribed to WCET News or WCET Discuss, you already have a MIX account!

First time users should select "First Time Login/ Reset Password" and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password. Your email address is the most recent email address that WCET has for you. If you need to update this email address please email us at

If you are not currently subscribed to NEWS or DISCUSS but would like to be, please complete this form.

Already part of MIX? Post a Discuss question now by logging into the DISCUSS community or emailing your question to

Want to opt out?

We hope you’ll stay with us during this transition, but if you need to opt out, please email us. If you’re subscribed to both NEWS and DISCUSS you only need to respond once, please indicate which list you want to opt out of (or both).

Questions on MIX

Please contact WCET with questions or comments about wcetMIX!

wcetMIX is an exciting opportunity to grow our WCET community. MIX it up and join us now!