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The Every Learner Everywhere mission is to help institutions use new technology to innovate teaching and learning, with the ultimate goal of improving student outcomes for Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, poverty-affected students, and first-generation students.

woman using a laptop outdoorsEvery Learner Everywhere helps institutions improve student engagement and increase academic success in gateway courses through innovative teaching and learning strategies.

Every Learner Everywhere is a network of 12 partner organizations that collaborate with higher education institutions to improve student outcomes through innovative teaching strategies including the adoption of adaptive digital learning tools. The emerging evidence conducted around digital learning demonstrates potential to increase access and engagement, decrease costs, and improve outcomes for students, particularly Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, as well as poverty-affected and first-generation students. Our network partners represent leaders and innovators in teaching and learning. Additionally, our organization has specific expertise in the adoption, implementation, and measurement of digital learning tools as they are integrated into pedagogical practices.

Every Learner Everywhere embraces eight equity principles.

These principles reflect our collective understanding of systemic racism in education and guide decisions about our work.

With Our Network Partners:

  1. We articulate a specific focus on racial equity and equity for poverty-affected students in our work.
  2. We pursue equity in optimistic, anti-deficit, and sustainable ways.
  3. We consistently reflect on our biases and positionalities, seek input on our actions and unintended contradictions, hold ourselves accountable for improvement, and strengthen our skills.
  4. We practice critical analysis and aim to continuously improve the systems, structures, cultures, policies, and processes affecting education.

With Colleges and Universities:

  1. We focus on quantitative outcomes and on qualitative understandings of students’ experiences.
  2. We disaggregate data to the finest point possible and resist the erasure of Native American, Asian American, and Pacific Islander students.
  3. We broaden the participation of people, partners, and perspectives to reflect the equity that students and their institutions deserve.
  4. We position poverty-affected and Black, Latinx, and Indigenous students, as well as those who share their lived experiences, as equity experts.

How We Work

We engage as a network of collaborative partners

Designing and delivering services, developing resources, and sharing expertise and insights across organizations.

We build capacity in institutions to expand equity

Partnering with colleges and universities in pursuit of equity-focused, student-centered, faculty-powered, and institution-driven improvement.

We support digital learning innovation at scale

Learning from lighthouse institutions, examining market trends, creating implementation frameworks, and disseminating best practices research.

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The Every Learner Everywhere growing library of digital learning resources includes publications and material related to equity in digital learning, adaptive courseware, designing for equity, and more.

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