Collaborative Degree Design

  • Date : March 15, 2018 11:00 AM
  • Meeting Type : Webcast

Improving student success is a challenge faced by many colleges and universities across the country and commands innovative solutions. Portland State University (PSU) embraced this challenge and deployed a comprehensive approach to tackling the issues. Leveraging a collaborative design methodology, PSU invested in community engagement sessions, student surveys, one-on-one interviews, best practices research, and internal PSU data to identify key pain points in the students’ journey. PSU implemented a portfolio of initiatives to improve student services with the focus of enhancing the student experience and fostering student success.

PSU has forged an innovative public-private partnership with Barnes & Noble Education to co-develop an interactive degree planner. LoudCloud, a division of Barnes & Noble Education, builds software focused on three pillars of student success: Affordability, Awareness, and Achievement. Through this partnership, they formed a team of specialists embedded at PSU to go from discovery to development to delivery of the solution.

The partners shared their findings and debuted their emerging vision for degree planning including:

  • How Portland State University (PSU) applied collaborative design to improve student success.
  • The keys to productive partnerships to transform insights into actual solutions for higher ed.
  • Improving degree planning for students and advisors with interactivity and data integration.


Hans VanDerSchaaf

Director, Projects; Office of Student Success, Portland State University

Sébastien Trolez

Director, Products for Student Success, BNED LoudCloud