Getting Started with State Approvals

Getting Started

If you are new to state authorization, the many regulations and processes can be quite daunting.  To help you navigate the first steps, you may wish to review "10 Steps You Can Take to Begin the State Authorization Process" written Beverly Wade and Terri Taylor-Straut in May 2017 as an update to the original article written by Marianne Boeke (NCHEMS) and Sharmila Basu Mann (SHEEO) in 2012.

State-by-State Lists of Regulations

The State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO) in collaboration with Pearson provide a web-based platform for the reporting and updating of state by state survey data called the SHEEO State Authorization Surveys. Survey data includes state regulatory agency contacts, regulations, and summaries of applicable institution compliance responsibilities. Surveys are updated by the state higher education regulatory offices.

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