Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is a form of personalized learning that allows each learner to adjust their pathway to mastery of material based upon sophisticated analytical technologies. Adaptive learning is utilized in flipped classroom settings as well as in fully online courses. Recent pilots by two-year, four-year, graduate, and professional programs are uncovering important lessons about “chunking” or “mapping” course content and linking learning science with curriculum design.  Another promising theme reported by early adopters of adaptive learning is a change in the role of faculty with this new learning model. Instead of being the 'sage on the stage', faculty must embrace the new role of 'guide on the side' where they facilitate learning but allow their learners to take a more proactive role in their pathway. The adaptive learning trend holds promise for student retention and student progress. The growing field of adaptive learning suppliers provide insight and promising practice which will help guide continued development of the field.

A magnifying glass over a graphic of cogs moving in the brain.