Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Innovative technological advances, cutting edge research, intellectual property, and personal data are integral to higher education. Educational institutions have the capacity to dynamically serve students at a distance through the use of technology. However, to ensure technology continues to benefit students, best practices for cybersecurity must be observed by the entire academic community, from students to leadership. Established best practices will help safeguard the institution from exposure to cyberattacks causing a data breach or infrastructure breakdown affecting services.

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11 May 2022

SAN & WCET presented a two-part webinar series. In part one, Dave Sonheim, Chief of Cybersecurity, Region VII, CISA, Department of Homeland Security provided a policy briefing addressing cybersecurity threats and promotion of cyber resilience and preparedness for postsecondary...

A Student Response to Analytics, Privacy, and Security

21 Feb 2019

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13 Feb 2019

Hosted by the State Authorization Network, this webinar discussed how all institution staff must share in the responsibility of data protection and privacy.  Key points were shared to protect ourselves, students, and our institutions. Presenters:  Baron Rodriguez, Data Privacy Expert...

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28 Feb 2018

A WCET and State Authorization Network (SAN) collaboration webcast.     As institutions move from the Information Age to the Virtual Age, cyberthreats are a certainty. It isn’t a question of “if,” but “when” and “how often there will...