Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are increasingly used in college and university classrooms and on campuses as easily accessible student support applications. Mobile learning offers institutions the ability to deliver education in the just-in-time manner in which students use their mobile devices. Students expect mobile access to campus information such as maps, programming, payment, contact information, etc. Students want to use mobile apps to easily and quickly interact with their peers, instructors, and college administrators. However, these devices bring challenges to colleges and universities. These challenges include access of websites and pages, both from an accessibility standpoint (websites and pages must be mobile friendly and should follow accessibility standards), and institutions should consider whether all students own and can use such tools. Information Technology (IT) departments should also be concerned with ensuring adequate wireless internet coverage in all classroom and spaces, so that the institution’s applications can actually access the internet and be used. Every device that is connected to the campus’ network poses a security risk, therefore adequate training and protections are needed as the use of mobile devices continues.

Photo by Iris Wang on Unsplash

Woman working on a laptop.