Accessibility Survey of OLC and WCET Members


In 2018, OLC and WCET initiated the Year of Accessibility to raise awareness among their members and to gather further information. OLC and WCET began partnering on a series of blog posts, webcasts, and conference sessions addressing accessibility issues in digital learning. In addition, OLC and WCET surveyed their members to obtain additional information about the state of accessibility at member colleges and universities. Based on the results, the two organizations planned to continue the partnership to meet member needs and better serve the student population. The findings in this report reflect the experiences of 548 individuals from U.S.- and Canada-based colleges and universities who participated in the 2018 OLC and WCET accessibility survey. The two organizations invited their members to participate in an open web-based survey conducted during the spring and summer of 2018. Individuals choosing to participate in the study self-reported on a number of questions related to the topic.


  • Year Published : 2019
  • Month Published : April