ASWE Announcement


IFWE, the International Forum for Women in E-Learning, rebrands to ASWE and moves to WCET’s portfolio of high-quality programs and events.

Since 2004, the International Forum for Women in E-Learning has recognized and supported women in the field as a unique event supported by the United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA). The IFWE conference occurred every other year across the United States and brought together women, and those who support women, in their roles as digital learning leaders and practitioners across varying industries.

Following the 2021 IFWE Empower event, USDLA handed the IFWE torch to WCET, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies. WCET, the leader in the practice, policy, and advocacy of digital learning in higher education, has an extensive community of digital learning members from institutions across the United States, Canada, and beyond. WCET has a reputable history of producing high-quality, high-value events, and looks forward to bringing IFWE alumni to the new ASWE event. WCET will continue to serve the IFWE community and IFWE leadership will remain actively involved to ensure continuity.


IFWE not only has a new home, but a new name! IFWE is becoming the Annual Summit for Women in eLearning, ASWE. Together, as a community, we will connect, learn, and support others in the field of digital learning—

  • As we lead.
  • As we learn.
  • As we lean.
  • As we live.

Future Events

ASWE will rotate between an open house gathering and reception in even years and the Summit in odd years, both in conjunction with WCET’s in-person Annual Meeting. The first gathering will take place in Denver in October 2022, and the full ASWE Summit will be held in October 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana. IFWE alumni and those interested in future events are invited to sign up for our mailing lists and learn more. For more information, view our FAQ page.

Stay tuned to WCET and the ASWE Facebook group for more information.

About IFWE and ASWE

IFWE, the International Forum for Women in E-Learning, was created to recognize the role of women leaders in the field and to build a strong network of all people who support them. Launched by USDLA in 2004, IFWE was designed as a participatory event that encourages open communication, vibrant discussions, and diverse voices. It was designed to tap into resources that include mentorships, e-learning programs, technology, and products, and an opportunity to learn from experts in our profession. In addition, IFWE attendees gain a better understanding of how to be a successful leader and meet and network with up-and-coming leaders, content designers, administrators, or those who provide technical support for distance and online learning. Whether you are from K-12, higher education, corporate, military, government, or telehealth, IFWE has always welcomed you. The good news is although IFWE is now ASWE, all the above is still true! ASWE promises to carry on the IFWE culture, activities, and impact.

About WCET

WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of digital learning in higher education. We are a member-driven organization that brings together colleges, universities, higher education organizations, and companies to collectively improve the quality and reach of digital learning programs.