WCET Report: Supporting Instruction & Learning Through Artificial Intelligence: A Survey of Institutional Practices & Policies


Artificial Intelligence in general poses numerous challenges for educators and students alike, such as academic integrity, lack of knowledge and training, misinformation, and implementation costs. However, AI also presents opportunities to support equity and access, increased efficiency, new understandings of (and urgency around) digital literacy and crucial workforce skills, and improved instruction and learning, among others.

In April 2023, WCET – the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, undertook a national survey to ascertain how and why postsecondary institutions are using Artificial Intelligence to support instruction and learning, what policies are in place, and what are the perceived barriers to, and benefits for, its use.

This report highlights the survey results plus six in-depth interviews conducted post survey.


  • Year Published : 2023
  • Month Published : July
  • Media Type : pdf
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