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Happy New Year from WCET – Top Blog Posts from 2013

Published by: Russ Poulin | 12/31/2013 | 0 comments

December 31, 2013 WCET ends the year by looking back at the most popular blog posts from 2013 and in wishing you a very happy new year.  Our offerings that received the most views include… Is Your Distance Education Course Actually a Correspondence Course? Oddly enough, the most popular post was written in April 2012.  […]


Crafting an Effective MOOC: One Community College’s Experience

Published by: Russ Poulin | 8/6/2013 | 14 comments

As part of our series on MOOCs, WCET asked Pat James Hanz of Mt. San Jacinto College to provide an overview of their experience in developing and offering their first course.  We also asked her to provide some lessons learned in case your instituion is interested in joining the fun. Russ Poulin In May, Mt. […]


The Significance of CCRC’s New Research on Online Ed

Published by: Russ Poulin | 2/21/2013 | 5 comments

Last Sunday, a New York Times editorial educated us on “The Trouble with Online College.” When the editorial focuses on the results of a longitudinal study by Columbia University’s  Community College Research Center (CCRC).  While they make some good points, when they stray from the facts they have a bit of trouble. The editorial states:”First, […]


The North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO)

Published by: WCET Frontiers | 6/27/2012 | 1 comments

Today’s guest blog comes to us from our WICHE colleagues Pat Shea and Catherine Weldon who run an innovative program to bring sophisticated science into the virtual hands of online students. NANSLO represents an international collaborative partnership between postsecondary institutions in the U.S. and Canada. The collaboration will result in the development of online science […]


Mobilizing Higher Education

Published by: WCET Frontiers | 4/3/2012 | 9 comments

Today WCET Frontiers welcomes Dr. Robbie Melton, Associate Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, with the Tennessee Board of Regents, eLearning Initiative, as a guest blogger. Mobilization (the use of mobile devices and apps) continues to change the way we communicate, conduct business, and entertain us. Higher education is not exempted from this impact. In fact, mobilization […]


Completely Redesigning One Institution’s Online Courses – In Just One Year

Published by: Russ Poulin | 12/1/2011 | 10 comments

FIRST – Sorry to our subscribers who received the seemingly random post of Jo Kroll’s picture.  I was trying a newer version of WordPress and made a mistake.  Some parts are not quite as user friendly as I’d hoped.  Russ Poulin ON TO THE POST — I first met Jo Kroll at WCET’s old Institute […]


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