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Regular and Substantive Interaction Refresh: Reviewing & Sharing Our Best Interpretation of Current Guidance and Requirements

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 8/26/2021 | 0 comments

On July 1, 2021, the Department of Education released the final set of proposed regulations stemming from the 2019 Negotiated Rulemaking process (the Distance Education and Innovation Regulations). As part of these regulations, the definition of “distance education” in Chapter 34, §600.2 was updated, including specifically defining the critical terms: instructor, regular, and substantive.   […]

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Institutional Compliance by August 1, 2021 – When Serving Students Receiving Veterans Benefits

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 7/21/2021 | 0 comments

Institutions that offer programs to students who utilize Veterans Benefits must be aware of institutional compliance requirements that are to be observed by August 1, 2021. Our colleague Leah Matthews, Executive Director and CEO, Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), joins me today to explain what the law is and to highlight several sections institutions that […]

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One Year Anniversary of the Federal Regulations for Professional Licensure Notifications – How are you Celebrating?

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 7/1/2021 | 0 comments

Maybe it is a little cheeky to say celebrating, but we are all on this crazy journey together to manage these institutional requirements. The federal regulations require notifications in order for institutions to participate in Title IV HEA programs, and SARA closely aligned their requirements to the Federal regulations for SARA participating institutions to address […]

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Department of Ed Change May Result in More Institutions Needing Distance Education Approvals from Accrediting Agencies

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 6/18/2021 | 0 comments

We are just now figuring out that both accrediting agencies and institutions may have more work ahead of them in meeting federal requirements regarding oversight of distance learning programs. Sometimes at first look, we don’t fully comprehend the impact that a change in regulation or Department of Education (the Department) guidance might have out in […]


A Timely Case Study on Federal Rulemaking

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 6/1/2021 | 0 comments

Regular readers of WCET Frontiers will recall that we avidly follow the U.S. Department of Education’s quest to develop regulations through the negotiated rulemaking process. Rulemaking is a complicated and intriguing process. Our colleagues, Jeannie Yockey-Fine with NC-SARA and Shari Miller with Institutional Compliance Matters are here today to assist me with sharing about an […]


Intention to Initiate Federal Rulemaking Announced

Published by: Lindsey Downs | 5/27/2021 | 0 comments

This week we saw the start of what we have been expecting from the new administration – new rulemaking. Experts have shared for months that the Biden Administration and the Department of Education have prioritized several issues to address including: Title IX, Borrower Defense to Repayment, Gainful Employment, 90/10 Rule, and FAFSA Simplification. These priorities […]

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Federal Distance/Digital Actions of the Outgoing Administration and Congress

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 1/28/2021 | 0 comments

Since the inauguration, we have been very focused on what Jed Bartlett would say is “what’s next?” WCET Frontiers will be publishing a great deal in the weeks to come about the priorities of the new Biden Administration. However, today we share a look back on the pre-inauguration activities of Congress and the Department of […]


2020 Top 10 Frontiers Blog Posts

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 12/18/2020 | 0 comments

It’s that time again – let’s take a look at 2020’s Top 10 Frontiers blog posts based on views by you, our readers! Thank you for your support of WCET Frontiers through your subscriptions, comments, sharing, and guest authoring! 2020 was a challenge for us all, but we hope our posts provided you with assistance, […]

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Structure Your Accessibility Work

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 12/4/2020 | 0 comments

The following special topic paper originally appeared in the publication Pursuing Regulatory Compliance for Digital Instruction in Response to Covid-19: Policy Playbook, which was published by the Every Learner Everywhere Network and develop and edited by WCET. The Playbook gives background on several regulations, resources to understand them, and recommendations on how to comply. Today, we are featuring […]


IPEDS Update: Department of Education’s Guidance on Reporting Distance Education Data

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 12/2/2020 | 0 comments

The U.S. Department of Education’s IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) provided guidance on how to report distance education activities during the pandemic. Whether on an emergency basis or planned for the safety of faculty and students, colleges and universities have adopted a variety of academic modality options. The Department’s explanations are welcomed help for […]


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