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Regular and Substantive Interaction: Context, Future, and Advice

In the wake of the U.S. Department of Education Office of Inspector General’s recommendation regarding Western Governors University, questions about federal financial aid for innovative delivery models for higher education were raised. This webcast examined the intersection of delivery modes […]

Regular & Substantive Interaction

Regular & Substantive Interaction For the purposes of determining institutional eligibility for federal financial aid, Congress created a delineation between the definitions of “distance education” and “correspondence education.” This resulted from a consumer protection concern, as students in the 1990’s […]

Busting the Myth: Distance Education Enrollment Infographic

Accessible Text: Utilizing the 2013 Fall IPEDS Enrollment numbers, WCET has gathered a quick overview of distance education enrollment patterns that might not be what popular opinion thinks they are. Myth: Only a small number of students enroll in distance […]

WCET & SAN Member Virtual Policy Series

A complimentary series of webinars for WCET and SAN Members In this three-part series, WCET’s policy experts guided members through some of the hot policy topics facing institutions today. Live captioning was provided by our sponsor, VITAC. Webinar recordings are […]