WCET Initiatives

Practice to Action

WCET initiatives share good practices and sound policies to help our members accelerate the effective adoption and use of technologies in teaching and learning.



Every Learner Everywhere

Every Learner Everywhere was created to design a network-centric approach to strengthen digital learning in post-secondary institutions with a particular focus on improved outcomes for vulnerable populations.

State Authorization Network

State Authorization Network Working collaboratively, institutions can navigate the state regulations processes more efficiently than working on their own. WCET’s State Authorization Network (SAN) assists the ‘Coordinators’ from each member system, consortium, or institution.

WCET OER Initiative

The WCET OER Initiative  connects institution-level OER champions, legislators, state systems of higher education, educational technologists, and national OER leaders.It is focused on research, practices and policies promoting the adoption, implementation, scalability, and sustainability of open educational resources, Z Courses, and Z Degrees.

eLearning Consortia

An eLearning Consortium fosters inter-institutional partnerships to share resources with the goal of increasing the institutional capacity for technology-mediated courses and programs. So that leaders and stakeholders of consortia could learn from the successes and experiences of others, the e-Learning Consortia Common Interest Group collected profiles and contact information for many consortia. For each consortium that responded, the profile includes their mission, a brief description, services that they offer, initiatives and interests, organizational documents, and contact information, including websites and social media.

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 Resources page will be continuously updated with curated resources on technology-enhanced teaching and learning, higher education policy and regulation, and practical advice for instructors and administrators on these topics.

WCET Awards

WCET Awards recognize outstanding work as well as a dedication to both WCET and the technology-enhanced learning community annually through five different awards: WCET Outstanding Work (WOW) Award, Richard Jonsen Award, Sally M. Johnstone Award, Digital Inclusion Award, and SANsational Award.


WCET Research aims to shed light on topics that support the operation, instruction and technology implementation of technology-enhanced higher education.

WCET Past Initiatives

WCET Past Managed Projects showcase projects that WCET successfully incubated over the years.