Professional Licensure Notifications Now Required!

August 20th, 2020

The long-anticipated time has arrived! Institutions are now responsible for providing public and individual notifications for the institution’s programs that lead to professional licensure or certification for distance education and face-to-face programs.

Back to Basics Workshop 2020

September 10th, 2020 - September 11th, 2020
Boulder, CO
Do you manage state authorization compliance at your institution? ….OR are you in another institution office such as financial aid, registrar, faculty, institutional research, or legal counsel and required to follow new processes to adapt to state and federal regulatory requirements due to the out of state activities of the institution?

WCET 32nd Annual Meeting Virtual Seminar Series | Essential Discussions for Higher Ed In Unprecedented Times

October 6th, 2020 - November 12th, 2020

Join WCET for this year's Annual Meeting - a Virtual Seminar Series! Resources: - Register for the Virtual Seminar Series. - Preliminary Schedule - Session 1