21st Century Credentials: Learners + Institutions + Workforce

Salt Lake City, UT

WCET’s Leadership Summit will convene pioneering leaders from across higher education and workforce to consider new mechanisms for credentialing both formal and informal learning for students in ways that are dynamic, pragmatic and span a lifetime not a single season of life. The goal of the Summit is to stimulate participants' thinking about the changing landscape for tomorrow’s learners who will need the ability to represent, in digital format, their validated competencies and skills. Implicit in the process of crafting inclusive credentials is strengthened ties between the academy and workforce, which benefits all – learners, institutions and workforce.

The Summit will bring together the perspectives of institutions, workforce, and learners to build a bridge from the traditional academic transcript to the connected credentials 21st Century learners need to be successful in the workforce. This bridge will serve as a guide for bringing the conversation back to your institution or organization.

Join us in Salt Lake City for a day-and-a-half intensive, interactive discussion of these questions related to student credentials in the 21st Century:

  • How will learners represent themselves to employers in the future?    
  • How will competencies and skills be expressed in the future?  
  • What kinds of “digital extended transcripts” will allow students to include digital artifacts of their learning experiences?   
  • What’s the role of faculty in re-examining how competencies and content mastery are measured?   
  • How will these new artifacts of learning be assessed for credibility?
  • Who owns the transcript—the institution or the student?
  • Where do non-traditional providers of education and training fit into this discussion?   

WCET’s Leadership Summit will include representatives from national higher education and employer organizations, as well as forward-looking colleges and universities that are involved in interesting credentialing pilots.   

Who should attend?   As with previous WCET Summits, a diverse audience of chief academic officers, CIOs, registrars, administrators of teaching and technology innovation, and directors of curriculum design and assessment will benefit from the conversations.