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State Approval: USDOE Issues Second ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter

Published by: WCET | 4/20/2011

Around 5:00 Eastern Time today (April 20), the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) released a new ‘Dear Colleague’ letter on the ‘state authorization’ regulation.  After a quick review, below are immediate thoughts on the new language. The USDOE is to […]

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State Approval: “Cease & Desist” and “Teach Out”

Published by: WCET | 4/13/2011

“It is illegal for you to offer classes in this state.” Stay Outta My State That was the essence of a call that a WCET member institution received last week.  A state regulator from another state called the registrar’s office […]

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State Approval: Rumors and Implications

Published by: WCET | 4/8/2011

Rumors There are rumors, hints, innuendos, and whispers floating around about the federal ‘state authorization’ regulation… A leader of a national organization (who had been in contact with the Department of Education on this issue) said that he thought there […]

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State Approval: 16 USDOE Observations/Responses…In Their Own Words

Published by: WCET | 3/30/2011

On Monday, the Presidents’ Forum of Excelsior College held a meeting in Washington, DC addressing the “Federalization of Higher Education.”  Other topics arose, but the main focus of the discussion was on the ‘state authorization’ regulation. While I was on […]

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State Approval: Train Wrecks, Impacts, & Questions

Published by: WCET | 3/24/2011

First a short musing on “train wrecks” followed by a couple requests of you.  We need your help on the impact of the ‘state authorization’ regulation on students and your outstanding questions about it. Speaking of Train Wrecks “Train Wreck.”   […]

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State Approval: ‘Dear Colleague’ Letter Analyzed & My Call for Delay

Published by: WCET | 3/17/2011

The long-awaiting ‘Dear Colleague’ letter is now here.  The letter is meant to answer outstanding questions on this regulation.  Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it fails. Eduardo Ochoa, Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education, reminds us that:  “this guidance is provided […]

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Web Accessibility: What Will It Take to Sustain Online Accessibility?

Published by: WCET | 3/16/2011

The 2010 Managing Online Education survey had a very disturbing finding considering that distance education has moved beyond its nascent years. We learned that many campuses do not have formal policies and procedures to assure that their online courses and […]

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State approval: House Hearing, Call to Action, Impacts, & Starter List

Published by: WCET | 3/10/2011

House to Investigate ‘State Authorization’ Tomorrow, the U.S. House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training will hold a hearing titled “Education Regulations: Federal Overreach into Academic Affairs.”  We’ve heard that ‘state authorization’ is one of the issues that they […]

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State Approval: Running in Two Directions

Published by: WCET | 3/3/2011

As of today, there are 119 days remaining until July 1, when the ‘state authorization’ regulation takes effect.  With less than four months to go, we are forced to split our attention in two directions. The first direction is “advocacy.”  […]

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State Approval: Updates, Cost to Comply, and Students

Published by: WCET | 2/24/2011

I have had many conversations on this issue in the past week.  As institutions begin (or have begun) enrollment for the summer term, this issue has become very real.  Students enrolling for courses beginning in June will be in courses […]


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