Pursuing Regulatory Compliance for Digital Instruction in Response to Covid-19: Policy Playbook

Written by WCET team members and supported by Every Learner Everywhere, this Playbook focuses on providing administrators and faculty with a concise and easy to use guide to the most significant regulatory issues impacting digital learning.

By reading this Playbook and some of the cited resources, you will obtain a better understanding of the regulations. You will probably be able to identify the areas where you are doing well and where you are at risk. Each section provides links to actual regulations and Department guidance where available. Those documents, especially the Department guidance, can help you understand the issues and actions that need to be taken. Written for academic administrators new to online education, the Playbook can also be used to provide faculty with critical information on a range of distance education issues. Even administrators familiar with distance education may find this Playbook useful as a tool for educating the campus community and a handy compendium of regulations and resources.

Professional Licensure Disclosures – Implementation Handbook & Flowchart

Implementation Handbook for Institutional Compliance with the 2019 Federal Regulation.

This Talking Points white paper provides a thorough narrative to understand the nuances of Federal professional licensure disclosure compliance PLUS a step by step guide to implement Federal disclosures for professional licensure. A flowchart is included to provide a visual picture of the step by step guide provided in the handbook.

Professional Licensure Notifications in a Nutshell

SAN web resource in Professional Licensure Notifications, including FAQs, effective dates of related federal regulations, regulatory descriptions of educational programs, public notification, and direct notification requirements.

Foundational Principles for State & Federal Out-of-State Activity Compliance

SAN research on the Foundational Principles for State & Federal Out-of-State Activity Compliance, including approvals required by state agencies, federal compliance requirements, and reciprocity for state institutional approval by participation in SARA.

WCET Closer Look – Professional Licensure Requirements

WCET Closer Look guides provide essential information for digital learning in higher education. These member-only resources include topic overviews, equity and inclusion implications, and accessibility considerations.

This Closer Look guide is focused on Professional Licensure Requirements. The guide includes:

  • “The Nuts and Bolts of Professional Licensure Requirements.”
  • an introduction and overview of licensure requirements in higher education,
  • WCET and SAN created content,
  • curated resources.

Member-Only Brief 2021: Regular and Substantive Interaction

This is a brief regarding Regular and Substantive Interaction, produced as part of the WCET & SAN Member Spring 2021 Virtual Policy Series.

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Reauthorization of the Higher Education Act Statement of Principles and Positions

An overview of the WICHE position on reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, based on a set of five principles.

A Higher Education Act (HEA) for the 21st Century Learner

Infographic supporting reauthorization and updates to the Higher Education Act, including guiding principles set by WCET, OLC, and UPCEA to consider when implementing these regulatory updates (Fairness, Innovation, and Accountability).

Are Your Online Students Really the Ones Registered for the Course? Student Authentication Requirements for Distance Education Provider

WCET paper on student authentication requirements for distance education providers, based on regulations and policies at the time of writing in spring 2008, created by members of the WCET Steering Committee and WCET staff.

Best Practice Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education, Version 2.0

This list of best practice strategies was created in June 2009 and was based on “Institutional Policies/Practices and Course Design Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity in Online Education,” produced by WCET in February 2009 and updated in April 2009. This resource reflects the combined contributions of WCET, the UT TeleCampus of the University of Texas System, and ITC and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States license.