Sally M. Johnstone Award Winner 2016

Sally Johnstone Award logo 2016

The Sally Johnstone Award Committee is proud to announce that Dale Johnson, adaptive program manager at Arizona State University is the inaugural recipient of this prestigious award. This award recognizes a professional who has made an outsized contribution that goes above and beyond her or his 'rank’ to the technology-enhanced teaching and learning community. The criteria include thought leadership, excellence in practice, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Dale JohnsonAs Adaptive Program Manager, Dale works with faculty and vendors to develop new courses and educational technologies to help personalize the instructional resources for the students. Dale studied architecture at ASU and public policy at Harvard, a learning path that combined his interests in design, engineering, art, and history.

Nomination materials on behalf of Dale’s candidacy for this award note his professionalism, his willingness to share with other institutions and organizations the lessons learned from the multiple personalized courseware deployments he had led at ASU. His nominees noted:

  • Dale has the rare ability to describe a complex subject, such as algorithm-enabled learning systems, in a manner accessible to novice audiences.
  • He uses our industry’s perennial pursuit of the next great ed tech product as an opportunity to emphasize the critical interdependence of teachers using technology to support learners.
  • In the ed-tech community, Dale has become a leader in the effort to analyze how adaptive systems work and explain them to colleagues who also want to use them to help students.
  • Three factors make Dale a most compelling candidate for this award: project success, best practices, and community. Dale excels in all three areas.