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quote box reads: The new Department of Education's Outcome Measures includes about 60% more students in the WICHE region than does its traditional Graduation Rate.


Count All Students! New Outcome Measures Now Include Non-Traditional Students

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 4/10/2018 | 3 comments

There is new improvement to the U.S. Department of Education’s Graduation Rate statistic. And we should all be using it. Institutions with large non-traditional student enrollments (e.g.: community colleges, online colleges, inner city universities, military-serving institutions) have not been well-represented by the Department’s Graduation Rate statistic. Few of their students are included in the results […]

text box which reads: …Faculty members must plan collaboratively beyond the courses they teach to design program-level strategies to demonstrate rigor.


Rigor, Meet Reality

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 4/5/2018 | 2 comments

How do you define academic rigor? I know when I was completing my undergraduate and graduate coursework, I could tell the difference between a rigorous course and one that would be a little less time consuming. I also understood, especially in graduate school, that the more rigorous a course was, the more I “got out […]


Higher Education Act – Innovations, Definitions, and State Authorization

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 3/15/2018 | 3 comments

When passed in 1965, the Higher Education Act (HEA) was intended to “to strengthen the educational resources of our colleges and universities and to provide financial assistance for students in postsecondary and higher education.” Updated or “reauthorized” several times since then, the Act has historically housed most of federal resources and regulations for higher education […]


Distance Ed Growth – Access is a Big Motivator, But It’s Complicated

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 2/1/2018 | 2 comments

Distance education enrollment data continue to show growth. But, we wondered why. Is the motivation to serve more students, to make money, both, neither, or a complex set of other issues? We had heard many theories, often delivered with absolute certainty, but little proof. One of the reasons I wanted to ask these questions was […]


Senate Weighs Innovation and Access Options in Reauthorizing Higher Ed Act

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 1/26/2018 | 4 comments

The Senate is moving ahead with deliberations on its version of a bill to reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA). Yesterday morning, the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee held a hearing focusing on “access and innovation.” Much was said about such issues as competency-based education, distance education, accountability, supporting students outside the classroom, and […]


Engaging Faculty to Support a Student Persistence Agenda at N. Arizona University

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 11/17/2017 | 0 comments

What are the barriers on your campus to innovations that promote student persistence? That’s the question Michelle Miller, Director of the First Year Learning Initiative with Northern Arizona University, is here to discuss. At NAU, the Persistence Scholars program works with faculty to empower them become informed advocates for new practices that support student persistence. […]


Fight the FoMO: Catch up on OER

Published by: Lindsey Rae Downs | 10/26/2017 | 0 comments

Greetings from beautiful Denver, CO, where WCET Frontiers is joined by our Director of Open Policy, Tanya Spilovoy. Read on to catch up with Tanya on OER events, the Z Initiative, and how you can connect with her (either here at WCET 2017 or after). Thanks Tanya! ~Lindsey Downs, WCET Two exciting events are taking […]

The Military Advances on Credentialing and Quality Reviews: Pay Attention

Published by: Russ Poulin | 3/13/2017 | 0 comments

Military personnel and veterans are eager to learn…and most of them do so using educational technologies and distance learning. Given that the United States has been involved in two wars for more than a decade, how do they defend the country and earn a degree in their spare time? Cheryl Dowd and I attended the […]


A New Year, a New Administration, a New Higher Education Act Reauthorization?

Published by: Russ Poulin | 10/24/2016 | 0 comments

Earlier this year, Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska called this election a “dumpster fire.” We were reminded of this insight by Terry Hartle (Senior Vice President, Division of Government and Public Affairs of the American Council on Education) at last week’s Presidents’ Forum. Hoping to raise the level of dialogue beyond that surrounding a dumpster […]


Research on Distance Ed and Technological Advancements: An Update on DETA

Published by: Russ Poulin | 9/14/2016 | 0 comments

What’s Been Up? The National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA) is wrapping up its second year of a national U.S. Department of Education funded effort to conduct rigorous research to identify key factors influencing student success in blended, online, and competency-based education. The DETA Research Toolkit was launched in 2015 intended […]


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