Senior Manager of Business Operations and Strategic Initiatives, Every Learner Everywhere


Robert joined our team in November 2018 and is senior manager of business operations and strategic initiatives for Every Learner Everywhere (ELE). In this role, he manages and oversees all finances, grants, and contracts for Every Learner Everywhere. Integral to his position, Robert remains actively engaged in strategic discussions regarding ELE’s overall mission and goals, specifically those related to growth, sustainability, communications, and equity. Prior to joining WCET, Robert worked at ACT in international proposals. He earned his master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Missouri, and he brings a wealth of expertise and insight to his position and to the success of Every Learner Everywhere.

Robert is the proud husband to his wife (Melinda) and an equally proud father to his two sons. Outside of work, Robert enjoys baseball, video games, and running, and if asked, he’d likely say his favorite film character was The Dude from the movie The Big Lebowski.

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